4 Traditional Customer Outreach Methods to Ditch

There are certain traditional customer outreach methods that are just no longer working for businesses. If you’re still using them, you’re wasting time and money, when you could be developing other areas of your marketing strategy and obtaining better results. These days, most marketing takes place online and not in print. Communication happens via mobile devices, rather than in the mail. Even e-mail is a somewhat outdated form of communication, since information now is conveyed on a second by second basis, using social media and newsfeeds. These are all reasons why you should ditch old-fashioned and outdated tactics for engaging with your customers. You’re not getting anything out of it, and if anything, it makes your company look dated. While some customers will stick with brand loyalty, there’s nothing that will make you look inaccessible faster than not having an e-mail address or solid website. That’s just the beginning, though. Here are four traditional marketing outreach methods that are no defunct into today’s information rich world. Postal Mailers with Coupons While postal mailers can occasionally be useful, generally they’re a […]

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