Worst Books to Reference While Having Online Sex

Now you may think that online and books have nothing in common. Why would you bother quoting poetry at your partner, or make quaint book references that she may not get? There is utterly no point in doing so. However, some ladies have a kink for erotic literature, and with the correct books, you can charm your way into your lady love’s heart and her body. This may not be an easy thing to achieve, as such; we are helping you by giving you a list of books that you should definitely not reference, unless you want your steamy session to be cut short with hysterical laughter, or worst, looks of disgust. When online dating you need to learn about spotting fake sites which can be tricky as shown here and you must be be careful and plan ahead for your hookups – even when it comes to books you discuss. Book 1: Twilight This book may have been one of the bestselling ones in recent history, but that does not mean it is suitable for Skype sex. In fact, […]

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