How to Knock Your College Expenses Down to Size

When people talk about the college experience, a few of the things they probably have in mind are partying, late night study sessions, and meeting lots of new and interesting people. However, on top of all of that is something else even more fundamental to the college experience: debt. That’s right. College is expensive! Not only does it a cost a lot, but it seems to be getting even more expensive every year. Tuition isn’t the only thing that you’ve got to worry about, either. You need to be quite concerned with how much you’re spending in other areas. How can you manage to avoid racking up insane amounts of debt while still enjoying your college experience? The key is going to be controlling your costs in a number of different areas. Unless you can keep a handle on those, you’re not going to be able to hang onto your money for very long. You’ll soon find that you have to take out more loans or go to ask mom and dad for more cash! That’s not the situation you […]

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