Why Your Husband Loses Weight Faster

There’s nothing more frustrating than this, and every woman who’s tried to lose weight at the same time as her husband has felt this way. For every pound you lose, he loses three. If you both cut out soda, he drops two pants sizes, while you can barely go down one. It’s not fair, but that’s life. A lot of women give up on their diets because their husbands see faster results, but that’s because they aren’t considering the details. Men and women are biologically different in every way, and are going to lose weight in their own ways. Here are a few reasons why your hubby seems to slim down so quickly. He’s Not Meant to Carry Weight Unlike you, his body has no biological reason to keep weight on. You know that stubborn pouch on your tummy, or how you can’t ever quite get rid of the muffin top? That’s because the female body is biologically programmed to keep some fat for reproductive purposes. The man’s body doesn’t have these same needs, so when he starts to work […]

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