Managing People Who Don’t Get Along

Nothing can be more frustrating that being in charge of a group of workers that do not work well together. Ego and emotions can quickly fly off the handle creating tense and often hostile environments in your business. This can cause a huge loss in productivity as well as trust and camaraderie among your staff. Often times business owners don’t realize where the situation is headed until it’s too late and emotions are running high and people are no longer getting along. Simply firing everyone won’t solve your problem in the long run, so it’s best to learn some tactics for getting your team to learn to cooperate once again. Often that means a staff meeting as well as private meetings with each employee to sort out the heart of the mess and get everyone back on track. This can cut into work schedules, especially yours, but it’s important to address the problem as soon as you realize you have it. Finding the Source Of The Struggle Every problem has its beginning, and your primary objective as boss is to […]

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