A Virgin’s Guide to the First Time

For someone who has never experienced it, sex can seem like a wild, crazy thing that is very difficult to attempt. Media and other people have probably told you that sex is incredible, and that your first time should be like a fairy tale. The problem is that not all sex is awesome, and if you are both virgins, it can be especially difficult. You need to have realistic expectations and a plan if you want your first time to go well and not be a disappointment. Most people have embarrassing stories about their first time doing the deed, but that doesn’t have to be you. Here are a few tips to make sure that you don’t royally mess up the first time that you have sex. Are You Ready? If you are being pressured into sex, or if you feel like you are rushing into things too fast, then do not do it. That is the big picture, the bottom line, the end game. You do not need to have sex if you don’t feel that you are ready. […]

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