3 Common ‘Not So Bad’ Workplace Offenses that Are Worse Than You Think

Just about every company deals with employees that can cause trouble for the company, other coworkers, or themselves. These people often commit workplace offenses that they don’t believe to be as bad as they really are. Workplace offenses cause chaos and distrust in the workplace, which can lead to a toxic workplace environment. Before you brush off some of those ‘typical’ offenses that happen in the workplace, take a moment to consider exactly how damaging they can be, and why you shouldn’t tolerate it in your company. Stealing a Coworker’s Food If you’ve never had to deal with the annoyance of having a coworker steal you food, consider yourself lucky. There are few things worse than thinking about your lunch for half of the workday, only to discover that someone else has eaten it. Many companies consider someone stealing lunches as just one of those things that happen, but it is something that definitely shouldn’t be tolerated. When an employee steals another person lunch, they are telling the entire company that they couldn’t care less about the people that they […]

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